Today went awesomely! I had a couple of hairy moments – wanting to eat my daughters crackers and wanting ice-cream after dinner – but I stuck to my guns. Every time I felt tempted I told myself “You are in control and you don’t need it”. I also scheduled in some exercise this morning. I done two miles of the “3 mile walk” exercise video. I’m so out of shape, I use to be able to do the whole thing easily. Now I’m struggling to force my way through the first two miles. But I will get there again.

This crazy heat doesn’t help, especially at 100% humidity. I don’t get that, shouldn’t 100% humidity mean we’re swimming? Oh well, I’m sure it makes sense to a meteorologist.

Okay, I confess, I still really, really want that ice-cream. The fat person in my brain is desperately trying to justify having some: “You’ve only had 1200 calories today, having another few hundred isn’t so bad” ; “Just have a little” ; “You deserve it for doing so well today”.  BAD FAT THOUGHTS, BAD!  Think like a slim person. Pinny: “You’ve had 1200 calories today, that’s perfect, stick with it” ; “You know you won’t dish up just ‘a little’, you’ll still be unsatisfied and want more” ; “You’re doing great, the best reward is losing weight and getting healthy”.