Today went awesomely! I had a couple of hairy moments – wanting to eat my daughters crackers and wanting ice-cream after dinner – but I stuck to my guns. Every time I felt tempted I told myself “You are in control and you don’t need it”. I also scheduled in some exercise this morning. I done two miles of the “3 mile walk” exercise video. I’m so out of shape, I use to be able to do the whole thing easily. Now I’m struggling to force my way through the first two miles. But I will get there again.

This crazy heat doesn’t help, especially at 100% humidity. I don’t get that, shouldn’t 100% humidity mean we’re swimming? Oh well, I’m sure it makes sense to a meteorologist.

Okay, I confess, I still really, really want that ice-cream. The fat person in my brain is desperately trying to justify having some: “You’ve only had 1200 calories today, having another few hundred isn’t so bad” ; “Just have a little” ; “You deserve it for doing so well today”.  BAD FAT THOUGHTS, BAD!  Think like a slim person. Pinny: “You’ve had 1200 calories today, that’s perfect, stick with it” ; “You know you won’t dish up just ‘a little’, you’ll still be unsatisfied and want more” ; “You’re doing great, the best reward is losing weight and getting healthy”.


Lesson learned – I hope

Saturday was fabulous! I took my fruit and my salad with me and I ate it. My diet was perfect all day and I felt wonderful. Sunday was looking promising, however I forgot to pick up some low fat milk for my shakes before I got to Mums. I had to improvise, the only breakfast option that didn’t involve using full fat milk was toast – but she only had white bread. Okay, that would have to do. I made a big salad sandwich and ate an apple. Then Mum thought she’d make everyone a cooked breakfast of fried bacon and eggs. It was hard, but I said no thanks. The smell was so good. By lunch time I was ravenous (damn white bread, does it to me every time), what was there? I couldn’t find a damn thing that I thought would be a good option, another white bread sandwich.

Three o’clock, birthday party time, oh good, someone has made a fruit salad, I’ll have some of that. Um, where is the cutlery? Hey, where are the plates?! Really, fruit salad and no way to eat it? God, I’m so hungry – cookies, cake and chips it is then.

Six o’clock, back to mums to get our things together and feed Little Man. Eight o’clock nearly home and starving. It’s past Little Miss’ bedtime, but she needs to eat. Dive in to the supermarket, buy some chicken burgers and buns. I make her one, I make two for me. I eat mine, she hasn’t even started. She’s tired and grumpy, she doesn’t want dinner. She goes to bed. I eat her burger. I’m super full and bloated. God I wish I hadn’t eaten that much.

I probably could have avoided the whole thing if I had just gotten up in the morning and went to buy some low fat milk!